Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Where Does the Time Go... July-October 2016

rocking the braid, cowboy boots, and 'Merica for July 4th! 
we all love her big bed... it makes cuddling and stories much more comfortable!
getting her VB camp on
HBD to the best daddy around!
Addee was insistent the we made him a blue cake!
"beach day"
just when she was starting to like the water, it got too cold for swimming.
practicing her Spanish so she can talk to Gram and Grandpa in Nicaragua

girls' beach day
how we survived "feedings" when we were out...
Addee loves to "drive" the car!
always practicing
her love for umbrellas thanks to Mary Poppins
dinner hike
i love experiencing nature with my people
wearing her brother's jammies as her cape
who needs pants in the pool?!
play time...
toys everywhere in our house... always!
how we spent our mornings during the olympics...
volleyball for days!
another testament to the love of the "big" bed!
garage sale purchase!
first day of season
what happens when momma is in the shower!
story time
Kaden helping daddy with planks.
what a 2 year old hangover looks like 
we love the park...
she gets braver everyday as she climbs, slides, balances, and tries new things.
the crazy baby
fishing at the Children's Museum
climbing at "our" park
love her adventurous spirit
king of the boat...
how we stay entertained during Conference
Conference painting...
he is the best daddy!
love their love
pumping up the balls
our poor sick girl...
she never falls asleep on the couch!
my girl xo
our first snow...
thankfully it melted and we've had some nice days
another day at the Children's Musuem
thumbs up for nap time for Kaden!
the leaves are changing
pumpkin carving/painting
Daddy Daughter Date
Chilly the Snowman
Chilly and Doc McStuffins
treats for days at our ward Halloween Carnival
night time loving
this girl rocked the "Downtown Trick or Treating"...
then crashed out on our 10 minute ride home
Doc ready for round 2 of Trick or Treating
she got Snow White confused with Tangled!
our little daredevil climber!
she loves her baby!
enjoying our last "warm" sunny days
i'm grateful she'll be silly with me
they love each other... most of the time!
an owl at the park
let the climbing continue!
I'm grateful for my little family and the adventures we have together! We are still loving Bozeman and love the friends we are making and the beauty that's around.